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Farscape #18 – Review

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The battle for the Uncharted Territories continues!

Sure this may be a bit late, but in my opinion, late is always better than never. In case you haven’t been following the series thus far, let me catch you up. A race from ‘Grey Space’ has invaded the Uncharted Territories. Most of the races that make up the UTs have been conquered or have surrendered to subjugation. Among these peoples are the Luxans, the Hynerians, the Nebari, and the Scarrans (at the hands of Scorpius). Those that have escaped the Kkore, like the handful of Peacekeepers now under the command of Officer Aeryn Sun, have congregated in the Falaman system and are waiting for their chance to strike back at the Kkore and free the Uncharted Territories.

Sure, it all sounds exciting, but there’s still the ongoing issue of Roiin who is still hunting John Crichton’s son D’Argo, and the disappearance of Rygel and Scorpius from the Kkore fleet. There’s just so much going on that it’s hard sometimes to concentrate on what you’re actually reading.

This month we have a continuation of this story, with mostly the Falaman system refugees as the central characters and a small scene in which we find out more about Chiana and her new main squeeze Roiin.

If this issue played out like the television series, this would most likely be the the section at the half-hour point. It’s always fun to watch, but this is the part where you’re required to do some thinking, it’s not just all mindless fighting…though there is some really good action when the Kkore discover their hiding spot.

The story as always is top notch as it’s plain to see that Mr. O’Bannon has the entire arc planned out ahead of time and is just letting his cards drop one-by-one each month. My biggest concern, albeit small, is the inking work done on some of the panels this month.

It’s not terrible but in an attempt for the artist to make the male characters seem more gritty or rugged there’s an overuse of intersecting pen lines that end up looking like deep cuts on the characters faces in the form of a # symbol. It’s just slightly distracting.

STORY: 92%
ART: 76%

The only other gripe I have about the artwork is the scene where Moya is attacked by the Kkore. It’s pretty hard to follow what is happening at that moment, and I hope I’m not the only one who notices this.

I really have developed a real love for this comic series and am glad to see the Farscape universe alive and well in print form. The folks at BOOM! have my eternal thanks for picking this series up.

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