James Helsby

Fantastic…. Three??

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In a move that is being compared to killing off Superman, the Fantastic Four comic book series is in for a major shake up come January 26th. CNN has an article discussing that Marvel has decided to kill off one of the characters as a way  to try and bring new life into the series.

While the victim and the means of his demise are still unknown, you have a 25% shot at guessing who it will be. Will it be:

  1. 1) Reed Richards [aka Mr Fantastic], who dies violently when his two hands are super-glued to two different trains travel in opposite directions?
  2. 2) Susan Storm [aka Invisible Woman] who suffocates when she passes gas inside of one of her own force bubbles?
  3. 3) Johnny Storm [aka Human Torch] who drowns in the Hudson river?
  4. 4) Ben Grimm [aka Thing] who dies from complications due to … kidney stones?

You will have to wait till January to pick up the ‘Three’ story arc, and find out for sure.


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