Fantastic 4 to be Rebooted

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One of the news pieces that Marvel didn’t make too much noise about yesterday was regarding the new direction of the Fantastic 4 franchise.  Akiva Goldsman has been hired to produce  a new Fantastic 4 film which will act as a complete reboot for the franchise.

I wasn’t a fan of either of the Fantastic 4 films and I know that the films weren’t well received by fans of the comic books, the only positive things I can think about regarding the first films is Chris Evans and Michael Chiklis who I thought were perfectly cast as Johnny Storm and The Thing, Jessica Alba was the least believable scientist I’ve ever seen and Ioan Gruffudd lacked the charisma to be Mr Fantastic.

Whilst they can’t build the Fantastic 4 into the newly created Marvel universe because it’s owned by 20th Century Fox  they can try and give it a suitably more adult and darker tone but part of me thinks they should just leave the franchise alone and focus on something else.

What do you guys think, should they reboot the series or leave it alone? And more importantly who should they cast as the Fantastic Four?

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