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Fallout: New Vegas’s Companions Detailed

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Over at the Official PlayStation Blog, the guys from Bethesda have finally shared with us just exactly who we can expect to see as companions in Fallout: New Vegas. For those of you that are wondering what the hell this is all about, just think of them as NPCs that tag along with you during the adventure.

Instead of listing them all and their attributes individually, I’ll save you the eyestrain by listing them as they appear in the gallery.

Starting with the top left and working my way around clockwise…

Arcade – who seems to be the healer archetype in so much that his perk makes all medicinal items perform better better

Boone – the former New California Republic (NCR) sharpshooter who will provide help you in-game by acting as your spotter.

Cass – a water merchant who brings a alcohol tolerance ability to the party…which is really helpful when water is in short supply in the game.

ED-E – An eyebot who has been outfitted to help you by painting targets on your HUD, even if they’re cloaked.

Lily – A super mutant who helps you by increasing your stealth and increasing the longevity of stealth boys.

Raul – A ghoul who can keep your equipment in working order for almost twice as long before needing repair.

Rex – Much like dogmeat in Fallout games of the past, he will fetch loot for you.

Veronica – A Brotherhood of Steel scribe who can help the player craft workbench items.

I haven’t put much thought into it, but right now I’m leaning on searching out Raul, I hate having to repair items. I just know now that I’m itching even harder to get this game. I can’t wait for the middle of October to get here. I need me some more wasteland wandering.

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