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Fallout: New Vegas is Definitely Getting DLC

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Caught up in the anticipation fever of Fallout: New Vegas, we neglected to realize that, like Fallout 3, the adventure would eventually have to end. While Fallout 3 enjoyed a healthy five expansions, there had been no news about expansions for the newest title…until now!

Yes, Bethesda Softworks has informed us today that they plan on developing new add-on content for the title, with the first piece set with a “holiday season” release date. Unfortunately, at this point the expansion is exclusive to Xbox 360, but we’re damn sure that the PlayStation 3 and PC will get the expansion at a slightly later date (hopefully avoiding the disaster that was the PlayStation 3 release cycle this time around).

Already preordered, but want the DLC as soon as possible? Let me remind you that it’s not too late to compete in WatchPlayRead’s S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Fallout: New Vegas Contest, with the top prize of Fallout: New Vegas on a platform of your choice! You have until midnight MST tonight to enter, so start collecting bottlecaps and fast!

Official contest details and prize tiers can be found HERE

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