Fallout: New Vegas Honest Hearts DLC Trailer Released

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The next piece of Fallout: New Vegas drops on Xbox 360 and Steam on May 17th and Bethesda have released a trailer further detailing what to expect from it. As for Playstation 3, it will be released on the platform as soon as it is possible, given that the PSN service is still down following a hacking attack. We also have some screenshots for you, which can be found below. Honest Hearts is the second piece of DLC for Fallout: New Vegas, and is the first of a 3 month DLC drive. To recap from that earlier post;

You’ll be visiting Utah’s Zion National Park. You think you’re on a nice relaxing expedition only for everything to go all The Omen and before you know it, you’ll be thrust into the middle of a tribal war.

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