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Fallout: New Vegas Confirms Voice Cast

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If there’s something to be said about the quality of Bethesda’s RPG series, it’s that they don’t ever release a game without having some awesome voice acting to go along with the extensive worlds they build. I’m glad to tell you all today, that they’re going to continue this tradition with Fallout: New Vegas.

The guys over at Bethesda have been nice enough to let us know a few of the stellar actors they have lined up for voice overs in the game, you might be surprised by a couple of them, while one should really be a no-brainer.

Of course you have to have everyone’s favorite narrator (at least here at WPR), Ron Perlman in on the action. You gamers out there might recall him as Hellboy and the voice of Lord Hood from the Halo francise, though all us old bastards still remember him from that horrible Beauty and the Beast TV series.

Next up, you’ve got Matthew Perry…yes THAT Matthew Perry from Friends. Apparently he’s a huge fan of the Fallout series and jumped at the chance to be in the game from Obsidian coming out this October.

Finally, this is the one that shocked me, but you’ll be happy to know that Felicia Day from Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog (she played Penny) will be voicing a character as well. Some of you might be scratching your head about who Ms. Day is, think of Vi from Buffy the Vampire Slayer or maybe Cyd Sherman from The Guild.

I was already pretty stoked for this game to come out, this just sweetens the pot just a bit.

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