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Falling Skies Vol. 2, Comic Review

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Remember how in Season 2 of the TV show they kept referencing how they lost a whole bunch of people in the Battle of Fitchburg? Well, here is how it went down. This comic book is essentially a prequel to Falling Skies season 2, taking up right after Tom walked onto the alien ship and took off, leaving everyone behind. We get a shot of how Kara was harnessed, and I kinda feel bad for how much I hated her throughout the season. She tried, TRIED so damn hard to not get harnessed, and that is something that I will take into season 3 of the show when she will eventually return.

Falling Skies Volume 2, TPB
Writer: Paul Tobin Mark Verheiden Danilo Beyruth
Artist: Danilo Beyruth Juan Ferreyra Patric Reynolds
Publisher: Dark Horse Publishing
Price: $9.99
Release Date: October 3rd, 2012

A quick synopsis of the whole trade: The second Mass gets pinned down by alien forces and sustains heavy losses. With an army of skitters closing in, the group shields themselves in an armory in Fitchburg, ready to finish the battle once and for all.

Reading this comic was like filling in a huge gap in the timeline that happened between the show’s first and second season. Now, all the little quirks, all the little new things that was going on in season two, all the character building. It happened in Fitchburg. If you’ve been following the show on TNT, this trade should be an easy pickup for you, it fills in huge chunks of character development that really makes watching the show that much better. You’ll see the formation of the Beserkers and Pope being…Pope, which is you know, awesome in it’s own right. How can you not like Pope? He just wants to kill Skitters, he’ll do whatever it takes to get the highest kill rate, he’ll sacrifice whatever he can to attain any kind of advantage over the aliens. In a way, he’s the shows anti-hero. He wants to annihilate the skitters, and will risk his body at all costs to do it, it’s pretty awesome. He is a giant asshole though, so yeah, that doesn’t help his whole persona.

Ben grows from kid to finding his real place within the 2nd Mass as a seasoned fighter, we see him in the opening episode of season 2 as some kind of elite soldier. Well, we know he wasn’t always that way, he was scared to pull the trigger, scared to fight the things he hated so much. When he finally pulls through, we see the Ben that develops into the pseudo-leader of the Skitter Rebel Army (I know, that’s a giant role reversal).

Everything comes together very nicely in this trade, it’s an excellent setup for season 2, yes, the 2nd season already aired, but if you want to fill in that valuable gap of knowledge of the 3-4 month gap between season 1 and 2 this is your chance. I’m just wondering if they’re going to do the same kind of setup for season 3, I want to know what the hell that Alien is all about that landed at the end of second season!

Until then, keep up the good fight and support the 2nd Mass, buy this comic, it’s out in your local comic shop as of today.

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