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Falling Skies is shooting for the moon, literally.

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tracking-the-volm-falling-skiesAfter my first review of this season, I got through episode 2 and because of vacations, conferences and bad timing. Wasn’t able to get caught up with Falling Skies until recently. I’ll say, I sure do feel a lot better about this show than my predictions after the season premiere.

Now that we are in episode Nine “Till Death Do Us Part” of Season 4. The Espheni have a moon base that is powering all of their operations on Earth by going all Tesla and shooting energy beams down to our planet from a giant power source. Of course, they can’t really hide the big glowing green dot on the moon, that everyone just started noticing. While some science nerds might chuckle at this development, we just have to take into account that the beams of energy aren’t losing too much of their power between the moon and earth, Esphini has some serious tech, yo.

So, the only way they can get there, after listening to Tom Mason give his JFK impersonation, which caught me off guard with a chuckle. It’s nice that there is still a slight attempt to have some quick laughs in the midst of trying to pull out a Espheni Beamer from under the rubble of the wiped out city. See, the Beamers are remote controlled, think of it as a drone on absolute steroids. They think they can reprogram the Beamer and hitch a ride to the moon to blow up the power source.

Now, this isn’t exactly the craziest idea they’ve had on the show.

Falling Skies TDUP

Cochise tells Tom that there is a concealed weapons cache that they can reach now that the Espheni army has moved away. It has concussion grenades that can help wipe the rubble out clear. Well. About that… Mira, well happens to stumble upon them. Not only is she acting especially weird, but Tom and Ann obviously can tell. Ben, being her big buddy, tries to help her but ultimately gets between she she starts tooting her little Espheni whistle to call in a Beamer and the Nazi Youth Group Death Squad (My own name for them) With the brainwashed teenagers attacking from the Espheni summer nazi youth camp for disgruntled humans (also my own naming). Tom and crew have to start killing them, while it’s sad that humanity is fighting so brutally among themselves, teenagers are kind of a hard pill to swallow.

All the while, Ben is teaching Maggie to adjust with living with his spikes inside of her. They do fun stuff like, jump off tall buildings and shooting things with high accuracy. Ben tells us that the spikes enhance emotions, and Ben’s emotions for Maggie overwhelm her and his spikes in her back compel her to kiss him. His brother sees this happen and well, understandably punches his brother in the face later one. Did Maggie feel the punch though, how deep does the spike connection go? Pope and his new girlfriend are going through a rough patch, with Pope calling her a drug addict and such. Hes’ such a nice guy, that Pope, although he’s still one of my favorites. I really want to see him on the Beamer ready to attack the Espheni moon base. Will the Beamer have anti-gravity technology? Functioning air in space? Well, those things are probably too much to think about, this isn’t NASA after all.

“We choose to go to the moon.” Not a bad way to end the episode.

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