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Falling Skies – Season 3 Premier Episode(s), Review

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Ah, my favorite summer show is back on TNT. Thankfully, they sent us the first 5 episodes to give you guys a proper review. First reactions? Things can only go downhill from here.

Falling skies season 3

Ok, maybe that was a little misleading. The show isn’t going anywhere but uphill. How things are looking for Charleston and the 2nd Mass? Well, how do you think an invading alien army would take a big punch to the gut?

Seriously, I’m trying to keep the spoilers as non-existent as possible. I’ll just be trying to give you enough info that you may be gleaned from any TV Ad or whatnot. Also, I can’t wait to tell you about next weeks episode “Badlands”. Ok, I’m getting a head of myself. Lets just give you the basics of what to expect in the two part season premier.

First. This is seven months after the season 2 finale that showed us a new alien race landing on earth. There have been some big changes in Charleston. Matt, has moved on from the full head of curly hair into a early 90’s punk/road warrioreque Mohawk. Also, I’m kinda jealous of how cool it looks, since this is the first time in 4 years of WPR work I’ve ever mentioned a hairstyle on a character. Hairstyle aside. Matt is still a kid, doing stupid kid stuff. Except, I don’t remember blowing up skitters and mechs when I was growing up. Tom has been stepping up in a new leadership role and as a father. While Ben and Hal have further cemented themselves as military leaders. Ben in the Skitter Rebels, and Hal in his after-effects of that bug that Karen put inside him.

CochiseSecond. The new alien race the Vohm, most notably ‘Cochise’ played by Doug Jones is interesting. Something that is just “Oh, Humanity” is that not everybody really trusts everyone. Are they good? Are they bad? It’s something that keeps going back and forth between all of the talking heads of Charleston, only time will tell which side of the fight they truly are on, unless they’re trying to take the whole battlefield for themselves.

Third. Horses! Nothing makes me feel better about post apocalyptic cred than seeing people riding around on horses. With fuel obviously in short supply, it’s nice that after two seasons they’ve finally decided to take a more practical means of transportation.

Fourth. I just didn’t want to end on three things. The season finale starts off excellently. We get to see how the Espheni respond to the results of season 2. Their stepping up the game in terms of technology and military prowess. Even how they use kids in their slave army that have been given a bug attachment.

Season three seems to be saying one big thing. The people of Charleston may have just kicked a really, really pissed off hornets nest. With the new Overlord, and new enemies to fight, Charleston just may not survive the season. I can’t wait for this ride and I hope you’ll be enjoying it with me.

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