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Falling Skies Season 2 Finale Was DAMN GOOD

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Falling Skies didn’t waste any time moving forward from where the last episode left off. 2 Minutes into the Finale I was Squeeeing like crazy.

Please Note this review will contain HEAVY SPOILERS, I’m not holding back, there was just too much awesome stuff going on.

“A More Perfect Union” starts with Pope’s closing line from “The Price of Greatness” episode before talking about how they helped stage a military coup, Tom is left with a decision, go along with it, or ….not. He doesn’t want to destroy what had been started, elects to tell the general to piss off and just let the 2nd Mass go about their business and unite with the Rebel Skitters. Well, those skitters didn’t waste anytime in continuing to wait for Charleston to get off their ass and rendezvous with Red Eye because they breached into their compound, klaxon alarms blaring and all. When the rebel skitters are all climbing down the ramp with a bunch of harnessed kids, I was surprised that it wasn’t a shoot ’em up fight, these survivors apparently decided that now was a great time to talk first and shoot later when it comes to alien invaders. Good thing, because Red Eye spills all the beans on what’s happening and needs to be done through communication through Ben in a war room. Watching Red Eye walk through the room was pretty cool, and the information we learned was crazy too. Apparently the Overlord they had captured was in charge of their whole half of the continent, if they had killed him, the alien plans in his control would have shattered. It seems that the Overlords as so hyper-intelligent their brains are supercomputers, they store everything, everything possible in their brains. So they are very secretive, even with other Overlords. Kill one, you fuck up the system.

So, naturally, Red Eye wants them to kill the Overlord this time and throw a giant monkey wrench into the Invasion machine. Tells them the Overlord is going to be at a “New Weapon” being developed and that the Overlord and weapon must be destroyed. Not a problem for the 2nd Mass. Tom and some elite soldiers sign up for the suicide mission and Ben leaves with the Skitter Rebels. When the room is cleared, General Asshole tells the Sargent to do a night raid and kill the skitter rebels. Then he’s just more of a complete dick the next day after pretending he had no idea what happened to the Skitters and why they got ambushed. Ben points out that Red Eye and a couple of others made it out alive, and then joins the 2nd mass on their suicide run.

Before everyone moves out, we got a scene with Lourdes and Anne talking in the infirmary. Anne then proceeds to throw up. You know what that means, it’s Baby time. I sure hope it’s Toms, since she’s said she’s not telling him until after the mission.

One thing that was interesting is that Ben knows the complete layout of the compound and was drawing a sketch of what it looked like on the outside. When Hal said he didn’t know Ben could draw, Ben said he didn’t either. If you remember from when they captured the Overlord, Ben said that when it took over his mind, the connection is a two way street, Ben could see into the Overlords mind. How much Red Eye gave Ben of the schematics and plans must be a lot since it appears Ben is a kind of Second in command of the Rebel Skitters, at least the top of the unharnessed kids.

The whole scene inside the weapon was gripping, everyone getting captured as they’re setting C4, they get tied up in a bunch of weird ass tentacle things that blondie, the overlord pet seems to be able to control. It appears that she has a very high command within the Alien Invaders in terms of harnessed humans. She speaks for the Overlord, keeps telling Tom and everyone how much they are only a minor annoyance, a mosquito buzzing in his face. Heck, she kisses Hal and makes him go unconscious. So she tries torturing everyone with that electrocuting stick thing we saw in the first episode this season when Tom was on the Overlord ship. When she makes her way to Anne, she apparently has an ability to tell that a small group of cells in Annes body is a baby, it didn’t make sense, but she spills the beans to Tom, who cracks and is ready to tell the Overlord what they know. Just then, Red Eye and the skitters dive in to do some awesome fighting.

Red Eye fighting the Overlord was something to watch. I found myself leaning forward on the couch, clenching a fist, hoping that Red Eye will tear that bastard apart. They both fight well, but the Overlord get’s the upper and nearly kills Red Eye. Good thing Tom was looking for all sorts of revenge because he brutally beats the living crap out of the Overlord with the Taser stick. It was a nice redemption for all the crap he went through on the space ship and what has happened to the people he love. Blondie does a classic, “IT’S NOT OVER!” Then scales up the wall like a weird human bug, thing.

So, they blow up the weapon get back to Charleston as heroes, General Asshole is no longer as assholish, Arthur Manchester is released from Martial Law with the condition he can no longer be majority leader. Apparently Arthur has seen the errors of his ways and asks Tom to lead Charleston. What does Tom do? Tells him that he has to go fight first, then he’ll be the best damn plowshare he can. But he has to fight. Cue dramatic walking out of the room and meeting with Weaver saying they need to get outta there and start kicking some more ass. Of course, the season can’t end that way, it the whole complex starts shaking, Earthquake? Attack? Nope, just some crazy awesome spaceships landing outside.

What’s in them? BAD ASS LOOKING NEW ALIENS! I will say that it looks like they’re trying to make these aliens less “scary” like the others, when the whole predator mask reveal started happening I was expecting the scariest thing we’ve seen yet. The face of the new alien looks more gentle, but that it could still seriously mess you up hardcore if it wanted to. Is it a friend or foe? We’ll find out in season 3, but woo-damn, what a way to keep up talking you sneaky bastards TNT.

Oh, and Hal woke up from being unconscious and has an alien bug crawling out of his eye and back into his ear which made him look like he was having a organism. Then makes a mad face into a mirror. I don’t think we can count on him anymore.

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