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Falling Skies “Sanctuary Part 2” – Review

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Only slightly better than part 1, at least this episode cemented and redeemed itself with one thing. Pope is back! We get more cooking inspired jokes and liners from Sawyer…I mean Pope.

I think Xopher has already mentioned it, but Pope is basically a criminal from before the invasion. He doesn’t really give a crap about anybody, he’s just reveling in the collapse of humanity and trying to have fun killing as many Skitters and Mechs as he can. Though, you can tell that once he finds out what happened with the information that he spilled about the 2nd Mass and all of the kids being taken to get traded to Skitters for protection, we see he isn’t TOTALLY about himself. He has such an intense hatred for the Skitters I’m just waiting for whatever it is that fuels it for him to be revealed. I’m betting he lost a kid or something.

And thus, bringing me to the point I’d like to make about this show. It’s very kid heavy. Kids being abducted, traded, soldiers, being “forced” to grow up early is prevalent all through the series now. It’s like they’re just trying really, really hard to tug at all my parental heartstrings and keep my sucked into the show. There are a lot of parental and daddy issues, hell we just had a baby being born during the last episode. THAT’S going to obviously be a part of the show in some big way from here on out. Protect the baby at all costs I’m guessing.

Basically, we get the end of Mike this episode, shooting at the jerks who had tricked the 2nd Mass into taking the kids to basically slavery so that they could be safe from attack by the aliens. Apparently they lost a kid, and that kid came back harnessed and a Skitter in tow. A deal is made that as long as they keep funneling kids when that Skitter needs them for an apparent “quota” they’ll be safe from attacks.

Mike dies while the kids run away with Hal leading them and we get more emotionless Rick (his son) who now apparently hates humanity and considers himself one of the aliens. Rick doesn’t understand why his fellow unharnessed kid Ben doesn’t agree with him. Wait, what happened with all the other kids they rescued with Ben’s group, why don’t we ever see them? Are they zombies like Rick or semi normal again like Ben? We’re only getting each side from two different kids, where there are at least 5 other kids in their situation. Hopefully we can start seeing a side being taken from the former harnessed kids.


Tom does a friggin historical factoid about the American Civil War, are you surprised? No. I almost find myself waiting for it ever episode, just so I can hiss at it. Noah Wyle is still great though, and aside from the obligatory historical liner, he’s done a great job in his role. As a father, I connect with him, though, I think that is the point that they show has been trying to make us do, find our connection point so we get latched on.

Next week, I’m hoping for more Pope. Damn, can we just have a Pope episode?

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