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Falling Skies “Sanctuary Part 1” – Review

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I don’t think I can encapsulate the series in the way that Mr. Thomason has been doing, but like him I have been loving just about every episode of this series minus the few flaws that appear throughout this deliciously tropey mess that TNT is showing us.

That might have sounded harsh, but believe me, I usually only get overly critical of the shows that I truly enjoy. Hell, I ripped on The Walking Dead throughout the whole first season (especially the episode titled “Vatos”, grrr), but it didn’t stop me from enjoying the hell out of it. The same can be said about this show. It’s that damn good, especially during the TV drought that is currently happening on my DVR.

This episode opens with our very nice looking lady doctor getting held up at gunpoint for various medications that the bandit family can use as trade after they abscond from the encampment. This is thwarted of course by the last remaining member of the 7th Mass who claims that the 2nd Mass is next up on the chopping block due to Skitters sweeping the area for any signs of resistance.

The survivor, Terry Clayton offers to take the children of the compound ahead of the rest of the 2nd Mass resistance in order to lead them to safety before the big battle begins. It is here that the episode falls apart. I’ve talked to many other fans of this show and we all agree that we saw right through this plan from the beginning as a way for Clayton to essentially kidnap children with little to no resistance. It was just too apparent from watching this episode that this is where it was headed and of course, we don’t get the payoff of him trading the kid to the Skitters until the last minute of the episode.

We get more of Tom reuniting with his long lost son Ben who has recently been de-harnessed and is showing signs of not being the kid that his father and brothers remember…especially when he reminisces about what it’s like to wear the harness and how the Skitters are essentially the best parents ever.


For all of this show’s faults, I do like watching this series if for no other reason than how easy it is to watch and how entertaining the fighting sequences are. Oh and I forgot to mention, we get to see Pope again this episode, he’s another reason to watch. I like that guy because he’s the only one in this post-apocalyptic future who seems to be enjoying himself.

I’d have given this episode a higher rating if it weren’t for the transparent machinations of the visiting militia man, the ‘every episode history lesson’, and the schlocky family drama that this show seems to think we all want to see.

Please producers of this show, give us a little more of the Skitters and the reasons why they’re here on Earth and give us another scene where one of their heads gets blown clean off with a shotgun.

I’ll keep watching and reviewing, you keep on reading and commenting.

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