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Falling Skies is “Drawing Straws”

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Massive Spoilers AHOY!


Alright, so, Drawing Straws starts off with us learning about the training Lexi is going through with her Esphini monk dude. Much like Lourdes, she blows up a giant oak tree after the monkish fellow tells her she’s just really setting it free. Basically her totally not “Star Wars Force” powers are kind of manipulating the gravity in everything and that her full strength would be nothing short of “Divine”.

That always ends well.

falling skies drawing straws

Meanwhile on the Beamer, Matt tinkers around and gets some stuff figured out. Then everyone gets to hear a transmission in Spanish that essentially everywhere else in the world, humans are being rounded up and the mass extinction of our race is underway. All pockets of humanity that are able to hear the transmission from the Spaniard should hide, retreat and just go all caveman and shut out the world until they die. At least that’s my take.

With Tom and crew pulling random tendrils to figure out how to manually fly the Beamer, Tom as usual assumes that he’s running the mission and gets to put himself into harms way. While it’s fun to see Tom Mason as the ever-heroic dude, seriously? I understand the position his character takes, but having him do everything is just getting to the point of overkill. Maybe now that everyone outvoted him and they will be drawing names out of a “hat” for those who are volunteering for this pretty likely ending in death mission. Well, death for a non major character, there is another final season after all. This episode seems to essentially be about everyone coming to terms with their existence, their place and the people they care about. It’s not really about someone wanting to be the hero, or to escape this episodes boils down to the fact that the 2nd Mass is tired, beyond tired and everyone wants to land that last big punch before they collapse and die from the exhaustion of a long fight for survival. Who’s names get drawn? Tom and Ben Mason. I’m a little disappointed obviously, Tom admitting to Anne that he fixed it because he “feels he has to go on this mission, in a deep sense.” is a pretty big cop-out because he didn’t want his son to go without him. Why would anybody trust him to be drawing the names out anyways?

Speaking of survival, Lexi finds out how to make the weird hand cross-galaxy communicators that the Esphini Monk has been using to talk to his “brother” about their little Human/Esphini hybrid. When she is able to ride in on the communication she overhears that she is being scheduled for termination because her powers are just too damn good and could turn against them. Which is exactly the point we HOPE she turns against them. What’s she going to do now that she knows the truth and the monk apparently has a means of executing her? Weellllllll, about that…

Apparently knowing you’re the not the Bringer of Peace, but the Bringer of Death makes you kinda make you have your father figures get a little bit…explosive.

With Ben and Tom on their way to the moon getting sidelined for the moment, and two episodes left I’m curious how this season is going to end out. Falling Skies does indeed have one more full season to go before the series closes for good. So I won’t be expecting too many things to be tied up in the loose ends department this season. With Lexi coming back into the fold it seems, it’s a toss up on who’s going to survive to see the end of this series.

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