Ryan Thomason

Falling Skies “Death March” Was More Like a Trail of Boredom

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Hello there character building episode with dramatic character building music. Don’t mind me as I hit the snooze button.

Spoilers AHOY!

It’s not that this episode was that bad, it’s that Death March seemed to try to do a whole lot of building character stories in a short time frame. It almost felt rushed. When it’s not just one character, but it seemed that every single person that gets screen time the writers decided that a long drive to their destination was a good time to put a bunch of clichés and overused sayings into a box and draw what people were going to do. I spent most of the episode listening at work with the show running in a tab while I did my job. When things were sounding especially dramatic or actually intriguing, I switched at watched the episode too. That didn’t happen vary often.

Aside from Hal and what’s her face finally having the big dramatic “DEEP DARK SEEEECRET” that she has is *drumroll* after being a teenage BRAIN CANCER survivor, she was mentally in a bad place, did drugs, got pregnant and lived a life of a petty criminal. So, since you know, Aliens invaded the planet, killed a majority of the human race and everything is generally shitty, Hal apparently can’t get over that she had a really shitty period in her life AFTER SURVIVING BRAIN CANCER. What a dick.

Then there is the whole “WE HIT A KID IN A HARNESS WITH THE CAR” incident. The harnessed little girl is asking for her brother who ISN’T her brother. Matt, being the smartest in the Mason family tries to befriend her in the writers attempt to make him desperate for another kid to play with him. Even if they are a partially mutated mess because of the harness and whatever it’s doing to people in a harness. Then he tells her WHERE THEY ARE GOING AND WHY. Since that always ends well. Why did they take the harnessed kid anyways, they’ve got to be 0 for 10 on taking captives since the invasion. Are they hoping that maybe they’ll get lucky? Of course the girl breaks out of the bus and gets away when her Skitter brother came looking for her. 0 for 11, 2nd mass, STOP TAKING CAPTIVES.

I’m just going to run down the rest of the episode character building. Lourdes doesn’t care and just lets a patient die because she is sad her boyfriend had alien crawlies bursting out of his body. Tom and Anne did some dramatic ACTING! Weaver uses the worse reverse psychology to get a guy to call him “Sir.” Hal is a dick. Pope was in the advance scout group drinking beers and dropping the cans as a trail for the 2nd mass to follow, thus ensuring he’s the best character on the show. I’ll overlook that they had enough beers for this because it’s just too good.

The thing that bugged me the most was the Battlestar Galactica “We found Earth!….Oh shit, Earth is a bombed out shithole we can’t live in.” rip off. Straight down to the cast all looking super bummed out and then Adama leading the 2nd mass with an inspirational speech about moving on and creating their own Earth community and get rid of the aliens. Wait, it was Weaver not Adama, oh hell, screw it.

The last 2 minutes of the episode was a great setup for the coming end of the season, I really hope they get back to humanity making tough decisions and kicking ass, this season needs a lot more of that.

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