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Falling Skies “Silent Kill” (Season 1 Episode 4) – Review

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Wow. Usually by this point in a new series you get one episode that stinks things up. We didn’t get that this week, holy crap we totally did not.

The episode starts out with Hal and Margaret coming back from looting houses where Margaret knew drug dealers lived at. They get all the hard stuff, even Heroin (which can be used as a pain suppressor) b basically they are gearing up for the big rescue attempt of Ben, and his group of harnessed kids. Though Tom can’t seem to find a plan that gels with Captain Weaver, and so not everything is quite a go yet.

The first crazy thing that happened was Dr. Jerk (I can’t remember his name right now) was observing the captured Skitter. He’s talking medical talk “blinking eyes…dehydration…” and it seems he’s onto something and it cuts scene. When we DO get back to him, the Skitter is throttling him by the neck through the cage and kills the bastard. HOLY CRAP! The skitter gets 24 hours to live after that, so Anne (Moon Goodblood) in the end decides to find out if you CAN kill them silently, and stabs the alien in the weak spot they found in the last episode, covers herself in alien blood and storms out of the room. So much for all her efforts on trying to make nice with the Alien captive, but that whole scene was just crazy because Anne was working so hard to be nice to it. I understood though, when she said that she just thought of her family, and that’s how she did it. Then when she explained why she didn’t put a photo of her son on the bulletin board, I tried not to be heartbroken, as a parent, I totally understand how horrible of a spot she must be in not even having a picture left to remember him by.

When Hal comes up with a plan to wear a defunct harness, to sneak into the hospital to save his brother and the captured kids the episodes get really…curious. Hal successfully sneaks in, and blends in with the group. The Skitter leading them though? It’s whimpering and touching the kids heads lovingly as they go to sleep. WHAT THE HELL. Can the aliens not have kids? Are they partial to teenage angst? I don’t know, but it wasn’t something I was expecting, thankfully Hal shanked that alien in the face after all it’s love and tenderness (Cue Song).

The kids are taken back, though one of them died when they were taking off the harnesses, which doesn’t please Anne. I’m waiting for her character to kind of self destruct now, it seems like she’s on the bridge of either a mass freak out, or just becoming a very hardcore Dr. for the group.

Falling Skies continues to not disappoint me, the only disappointments I’ve had so far is that my wife got mad at me for deleting the first three episodes because she wanted to watch them too.

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