Alan Smithee

Fallen Earth Trailer = Faptastic

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I’m not normally a fan of MMOs, but I am really starting to dig the premise of this game. You see, Fallen Earth may just be the Fallout MMO that I’ve always wanted. No longer can you do stupid ass auto attacks or will it be set in a random-ass world that I care nothing about, this one is set right in the smack-dab of the post-apocalyptic Grand Canyon area of North America.

There are elements to this game that get me really excited. There is no class system archetypes to pick at the beginning, its more like sets of skills that you can choose how proficient you’ll become in learning them. The viewpoint is either first-person or third-person, and will involve more FPS skill than most other MMOs. The coolest thing is that the developers actually took the topographical map of the Grand Canyon and made it so the entire area will eventually be explorable…that’s over 7,000 square kilometers to hike around.

I’ve gotta say, that I’m really looking forward to giving this a try. I just hope that they offer a free trial.

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