Alan Smithee

Fail Nintendo, Just Fail

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Ok, I can understand that you guys have a product and that you want people to buy it…but come on Nintendo…we need training on how far/often we should walk? When the hell will people come to the understanding that there is no easy fix when it comes to weight loss? Nintendo, I used to love you so hard that it’s not even funny. However when the same company, that was responsible for restoring the video game market after its crash in ’83 mind you, releases a ‘game’ for the DS that tracks how active it’s players are, you’re only asking to be ridiculed.

Gaming itself is a very sedentary activity, sure there are exceptions to the rule like Wii Sports (until you find out how little you really need to move) and Dance Dance Revolution (until you start playing using the controller only). There’s no getting around the fact that the act of gaming is supposed to be entertaining and for the most part, relaxing. Am I wrong?

Along comes Nintendo who has somehow found out that people here and in other countries are so willing to throw their money at fitness products that will end up not being used…just look around your own house, I’m sure that there was a piece of workout equipment that eventually got used as a place to hang clothes from. I guess Nintendo just wants to make a quick buck releasing more gimmicky (perish the thought) peripherals that will be used for a week and quickly discarded.

Don’t even get me started on the video that is on the site that shows a family who is more than happy to compete with each other to see how active each of them are. I guarantee that unless the parents try to enforce it by either positive reinforcement (you know, walk 3000 steps and you get something good), or negative reinforcement (walk 3000 steps or I beat you), there is no way in hell that EVERYONE in the family will keep up with keeping track.

Shit, I bet you that the kids would just eventually find a way to cheat at it too by either putting the pedometer on a paint mixer or Michael J. Fox.

I guess it doesn’t matter whether the consumer keeps up with it, Nintendo already has cashed the check and is laughing all the way to the bank for selling you something that is easily bought without needing a DS, a Wii, and multiple sensors. I mean, they gave the fucking things away at McDonald’s a few years back when you purchased a fucking salad.

I just give up on you guys…the consumers because you’re too stupid to not buy shit like this, and Nintendo because you aren’t the company I want to support anymore.

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