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Facebook Lunch Gaming: Castle Age

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When I got some time on my lunch break, I decide to just try random games while I’m doing other things. Mostly looking for something to do while things are loading on websites. Yeah, I’m a multitasking type. This week I’ve been giving Castle Age a shot.

First off, I don’t know if I missed it somehow, but didn’t end up going through any sort of tutorial. I picked my first ‘General’ to aid me in battles, and then was thrown headfirst into the game. Castle Age is your typical facebook RPG game, you can spend energy doing quests, or stamina fighting people for XP. The artwork is probably one of the higher points for me, as with my limited experience playing facebook games so far this is the best.

After a couple of days, I’ve taken it off of my bookmarks. The learning curve is fairly steep, as it seems like you need to figure things out as you go, while there are many different options at your disposal, Castle Age is overload. If you can’t get friends to join your ‘Army’ to help you battle to earn XP and various rewards, you’re doomed, as anybody with more people than you simply earns you defeat after defeat when you attack them. My only hope was to attack people vastly lower in level than me, and even then it wasn’t a guarantee if they ended up being 3 levels lower than me, but had more in their army.

This is a game that you should play if you have a boatload of friends who enjoy signing up for games with you, it seems like the only way to get enjoyment out of this game is to have as many friends as possible. If you can then get past a toss you into the lake to learn to swim approach, and a plethora of options of how to advance, you’ll like this game. For the people like me who enjoy RPG style games, but don’t want to subject their friends to numerous requests a day to get them to join this game is a bust.

I’m going to give this game a ‘2 lunch break play’ score.

(Scoring based out of 5 lunch breaks a week)

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