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Starting December first, Amazon is offering newspapers a 70 percent cut of the sales if they transition their digital formats to the Kindle device. That’s a nice increase from the 30 percent that they currently offer. So, why such a big push into what everyone sees as a dying industry? News hounds like me, who love sniffing around for stories, anything, in the name of simply accumulating relevant knowledge could stand to gain from this new effort.

Honestly, I miss reading the morning paper like I did growing up. While my Dad and most of the rest of my family went for the sports section, I easily snagged the front page and business sections without any effort. I can’t stand the local paper I have where I live now, I’ve tried to read their stuff but I can’t get through it. It’s too damn expensive to get something like the Times or Economist in their current format. I’d sure as hell give them some money if I could read them on a Kindle though.

Hopefully publishers take advantage of the new tool amazon is putting out Kindle Publishing for Periodicals. The program is designed to speed up the process of producing a version of the newspaper for the many platforms where Kindle software can be downloaded.

“A publisher would just need to send one feed, and Amazon customizes the experience for reading across different apps,” Amazon spokeswoman Sarah Gelman said.

Hopefully publishers take advantage of the digital medium being offered and figure out a way to fully exploit it. I love to read well written, journalistic articles, the kind that does you know actual ‘reporting’ If the News Industry wants to survive as a whole adaptation is needed to move into the age we live in.

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