Extended editions of LOTR Trilogy Blu-Rays available to preorder

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That’s about half a day of HD Middle Earth goodness. Sure the three films  are good enough on their own but true LOTR geeks know that the best versions of the films are the extended editions which pack in even more content, with Return Of The King containing about 45 minutes extra footage as a result. The regular trilogy is currently available on Blu-Ray but we knew the extended editions were coming. Well there’s still no release date but the extended trilogy can now be preordered at Amazon for $83.99. By the sound of the description, it will have the same excellent special features as the DVD edition and even a few other extras from a more recent boxset. It’ll also come with a digital copy of each film, which is nice.

So rather than preordering a Star Wars collection that includes The Phantom Menace and Attack Of The Clones, get your Christopher Lee fix with this. Or a Hammer horror, either works.

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