Exploit the 3DS Ambassador Program Today!

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Buy the 3DS at the reduced cost, and get the 20 free games for early adopters!

[Senior Editors Note: Abusing a promotion can be bad, and sometimes bad things happen to people that do it. Like prison rape. Just saying.]

Well if you like taking advantage of company attempts at kind gestures today is great day for you!

For those of you that don’t know, Nintendo’s 3DS handheld is currently scheduled for a price drop from its current price of $250 to a far more reasonable $170. In fear of consumer backlash from the early adopters it has offered 20 free downloadable classic titles (10 GBA, and 10 Classic Gameboy titles) from its downloadable store.

The Price drop is scheduled for August 12, and the offer for the games is on the table until that date.

HOWEVER there is a loophole in the system!

Lower prices than you'd think...

Yesterday at various Walmarts across America, the price drop for the 3DS was instated early! So if you where to say, buy the 3DS from them, get it online, and sign up for the Program, technically no one could stop you from claiming the free titles.

If you where looking for a 3DS, but where just waiting for the price to drop, the time to jump on that deal is now! This loophole is just to good! Especially since several of these free titles are supposedly exclusive to this promotion, although they will probably show up down the line for like $5 a pop later on in the virtual store.

It is unknown if Nintendo will try to stop this yet, so try and get yours fast!

Happy Frugal-loophole-exploiting Gaming everyone!

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Final Thoughts

-This program really shouldn’t exist. I don’t feel sorry for early adopters, and neither should Nintendo.
-If only I didn’t spend all of my money replacing my computer this week… sigh…
-Also if you live next to a Mom, and Pop gaming stop you could always try and work out a bargain.
-For all of it’s evil, I really love Walmart!

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