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Excuses for Final Fantasy XIII’s Linearity

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mmmmm lesbo-cycle, I can't wait to ride the lesbo-cycle.

Say what you will about JRPGs, whether they’ve become too linear or just so clichéd in the types of characters and the situations they find themselves in. you can always guarantee that millions of gamers here in the Western portions of the world will be lapping this game up next month.

There have been reviews that have berated the game for being too much like FFX in it’s linearity, I don’t mind so much myself, especially since I feel the joke’s on them though…FFX is one of my favorites in the series. Don’t mind me though, you’ll probably be better off hearing from the game’s director Motomu Toriyama.

“We have deliberately used a linear game design for the introduction sections so they can be enjoyed in the same manner as watching a film.

We are aiming for a vibe while playing that is similar to the experience of an FPS style game, where the player rapidly progresses through a series of dramatic events and experiences one after the other on an imposing and atmospheric battlefield.

This kind of design is also very beneficial for the player in allowing them to gradually and systematically learn the brand new battle system that this instalment brings to the series. It is set up such that the player will experience and try out each character’s possible roles in battle and naturally internalise the intensely tactical nature of the paradigm shift system.”

Now keep in mind that FFX, and all of my other Final Fantasy favorites, were directed by Hironobu Sakaguchi. So I’m not certain I’ll be that huge of a fan. I’ll just keep repeating the MediaWhore mantra “Wait and see”. Doesn’t really matter, every FF game has been a day-one purchase for me anyways.

Quotes: UK FFXIII site

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