Excision (2012) May be the Most Disturbing Film of 2012

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Though, high school is disturbing for everyone, ‘Excision’ takes it to the next level.


Excision (2012)

Directed by newcomer Richard Bates Jr.

Starring: AnnaLynne McCord, Malcolm McDowell, Traci Lords, Matthew Gray Gluber, Rodger Bart, Ariel Winter and John Waters.

When I say this movie is disturbing, I should state that not much disturbs me, including this movie. For me there were a few “oh shit” moments, but the average viewer might be a little (or a lot) disturbed by some of the graphic scenes involving blood. Especially her sexual fantasy scenes that involve corpses, dying, abortion, and gallons of blood.

Pauline (McCord) is a senior in High School, and an outcast. Her obsession with blood, death, and becoming a surgeon keeps her alienated from the rest of her class mates.

Mr. Claybaugh (Gluber) – “Yes Pauline?”
Pauline – “Can you contract an STD from having sex with a dead person?”

Her family life isn’t much better. Her mother Phyllis (Lords), is an overbearing nit-picky bitch who is very controlling of her family. Even though she hates her mother, Pauline finds herself seeking her approval. She makes Pauline go to counseling with Father William (Waters) to avoid paying for a real counselor which is something Pauline doesn’t appreciate much.

“I only want you to experience the same gut-wrenching agony that I have to endure every Sunday listening to your sermons.” -Pauline to Father William

Her father Bob is a passive shell of a man who lets Phyllis walk all over him. Pauline’s younger sister Grace (Winter) has Cystic Fibrosis, and while Pauline wants nothing more than to help her sister, the fact is that Grace’s CF causes a bit of contention in the family.

The kill count in this movie is low, but that’s not what it’s about. It really boils down to an awkward teen struggling with her sexuality, sociopathy, and desire to live out her dreams. Really just a dark version of anyone’s high school experience. The whole story culminates in one really bad decision that will forever effect her family’s life.

I really found myself relating to this movie in a weird way. Pauline means well, but her chemical imbalance, inability to comprehend social norms and lackluster home life seems to get in the way. Will this movie win any big awards? No, but I think it deserves a few. This movie is not as fun, or as funny (though it has it’s funny moments for sure) as a lot of the other movies I’ve shared with you here.
I still highly recommend you watch it, if you can handle it. Put the kids to bed (maybe your wife or husband too) grab a beer and enjoy! If you have Netflix add it to your queue here.

My overall rating 7.5 out of 10 (a bloody good movie)

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