Every Star Trek TV series available on Netflix in July

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You just creamed your little Trekkie pants didn’t you? Trekmovie.com recently contacted Netflix regarding their deal with CBS to start streaming their shows on Netflix and when Star Trek would be available, given shows like Twin Peaks and The Twilight Zone have already started appearing on the service.

Netflix have said that every episode of every season of every series of Star Trek will be available from July 1st of this year onwards, apart from Deep Space Nine, which won’t be available until October 1st. Even better for Kirk and Picard fans is that The Original Series and The Next Generation will be streaming in HD. This deal lasts for at least two years, with a possible two year extension after that.

So what’s better Trekkies, being able to see every little detail of Shatner’s face or every detail of Stewart’s face?

Source: TrekMovie.com

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