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Introducing Evermore Park

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SLCC-IMGR1332-1000At this year’s Salt Lake Comic Con Fan Xperience a new, the first, Fantasy Adventure Park was introduced.  Evermore Park, to be built in Pleasant Grove Utah is genuinely unique, and probably the single most ambitious project of its kind I have ever seen or heard about.  The only parallel would have been when Walt Disney introduced the idea of a Theme Park.  During this convention, we received an invitation to explore this park.  Well to explore a scale model, and meet some of people that are making this magic come to life.  It is not often I can genuinely say I was stunned.  I’ve seen some impressive things in my life, and I’ve seen some very cool ideas, this one tops them all.

On day one, I stopped by with Xofer; we listened to Ken Bretschneider, founder of Evermore, talk about his passion for this project.  He talked about what he hopes it will become what he knows it can be.  If he can do, what he is saying he wants to do, we are all in for a whole lot of fun this coming year.  They are just staring construction, and hope to have phase one open July of next year (2015).  The idea behind the park is a little tough to explain, at least for someone like me that is not used to talking about these types of attractions.  The best way I can describe it is to say, if you could take a slide of Victorian England, add a little magic, and transplant that into a park you could visit and explore, in at a very immersive level.  That would be Evermore Park.

Before I dive deeper, I stopped by first thing in the morning on day two, and filmed (using my cell phone, I am very sorry for the quality) a brief tour of the park.

What you saw in that video, and again I am very sorry for the lack of real quality.  To make up for that, I have many pictures below of this scale model.  It is to scale.  That is 45 acres represented.  If you are like me, you may need this;  1 acre = 4046.86 square meters, or 43560 square feet, or just shy of an american football field without the endzones.  That is to say the size of this part is not insignificant, and I believe it will be open to explore.  There will be an immense amount to explore.

What struck me most, when talking to Ken, was the level of detail they are attempting to achieve.  They don’t want everything to look real; they want it to be real.  The only way to really achieve that is to actually take the time, and to employ the artisans to work the stone, and the wood.  You can do a lot with dressing and special effects, but those will only take you so far.  If you want catacombs (yeah, they are building catacombs) to look and feel real, you have to use carved stone blocks, and you have to know how to work them and age them to reproduce a medieval catacomb under an old cathedral.  When you are in those close quarters, painted modern materials won’t work.  They also plan to travel to Europe to study some of the old structures, and even return with antiques and pieces of architecture to incorporate into the park.  As Ken said, maybe they will even bring back a few ghosts.

The very idea that this park could exist, and it is someplace I could go, and even someplace I can spend the night amazes me.  I am beyond excited for this.  On every level.  The work it will take to put this together will be unparalleled, and I very much look forward to when I can offer updates on this project.  Until then, watch this site for updates, and go to


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