Kyle J. Steenblik

Evermore, Forevermore, at Salt Lake Comic Con

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We were first introduced to Evermore Park during Salt Lake Comic Con’s FanX this past April.  Since then we have  kept an eye on the project, eagerly awaiting opening day.  When we got word of Evermore Park expanding their exhibit for the 2014 Salt Lake Comic Con we were very excited to see what they had to show us.  The day before the convention they held a little party to introduce some new elements to the park, and to show the select group of people invited what changes they had made since April.  I was there, and I was impressed.

tweetWhat they brought to show off (you can see for yourself in my poorly shot video below) were the story elements to the park, a new park layout, and some new sculptures and two new characters, Steam-Man and Osiris.

Set to open in 2015 Evermore is about immersive entertainment. The whole idea behind Evermore is that you are not a spectator in the story on a ride; you are part of that story. The park will consist of seven main attractions, Old Town, Mystical forest, Haunted Castle, Evermore Cove, Devlin Mansion, 3D Mill, and Fable Island. These seven attractions will change with the seasons, and year to year. The experience you have will be different every time you visit.

The Mystical Forest, in the summer will be a fairy encounter, during Halloween there is a Victorian graveyard to experience. The Haunted Castle is the only attraction that is haunted year round, except Christmas. Evermore Cove is where you would find the pirates, and a large exploreable pirate ship (think Pirates of the Caribbean where you can explore the entire ride at will). The 3D Mill just might be the one attraction I cannot imagine, even after hearing about it. They are using some state of the art technology to project 3D images to crate Santa’s Workshop and a hall of Mirrors. Fable Island will be similar to a labyrinth to explore and discover some surprising magical elements of the park. They also plan to have a pirate village, ancient ruins, and a train that runs through a cave inhabited by a dragon.

The Old Town will be a Dickensian city; it will be built to be fully inhabited and explorable. During Halloween, this is the first chapter in the interactive Ripper’s Cove story written by Tracy Hickman. In this story, Old Town is under quarantine and you have to escape while funerals go wrong and the dead come back to life and chase you through the streets.

The Mansion is the sixth chapter in the Ripper’s Cove story; you have to go through the other five haunts before they even allow you into the Mansion. The interactive theatre will give you the opportunity to influence the end of the story. There will be a chance to save Evermore if you have caught the clues in the other five haunts.

The level of detail they are achieving is nothing short of remarkable. The descriptions I provided here fail to do justice to the work they put into this project. You really need to see it firsthand. At Salt Lake Comic Con you had a chance to do just that. The first unveiling at FanX gave us a taste. The presentation this year, was more than twice as large and populated with new characters such as Osiris and Steam-Man. Entering through Evermore gate you take a walk through a graveyard, where you are met with Osiris standing guard. Once past him you enter the tavern, where you can see a z-scale model of the entire park, along with concept art. Upstairs you meet with the park master sculptor working on a new piece. If you go back downstairs you might be lucky enough to catch the band performing, or a charming grafter willing to trade for Evermore coins.  All of this made one thing all the more apparent.  This one of a kind adventure park is the very thing we never knew we always needed, and opening day can’t arrive soon enough.


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