Ever Wanted To Rob a Bank?

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So the Steam Autumn sale has finished which means my bank account will be able to grow again. YIPEEEEE!

So I have all these new/old games to play, and as my girlfriend decided it would be smart to lock herself out of her phone (smart I know), I got a whole night to play games without my phone going off.

So I have been playing PAYDAY: The Heist for about 6 hours, this game has so much potential and it’s amazingly fun, yes I said it AMAZINGLY.

Think of Left For Dead, but instead of killing zombies, you gotta rob banks. You have 4 players and you gotta work together to get everything done. Waves of Cops, SWAT and FBI running at you shooting you while your trying to burn a hole in the roof of the safe.

So if you ever feel like being a bad guy this is your chance. I know i’m going to have sleepless nights over this game.

Go out buy it. Hit me up on Steam if your free.

The games official website


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