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Ever Wanted to Own The DeLorean From Back to the Future?

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Obtaining one may be easier than you think!


If you’re a member of the ever growing demographic that has more money than sense, you can drop a good chunk of money on a DeLorean (yes they’re still in business) that will come straight from the factory direct with the whole setup like the ones used in the movies.

We’re talking a DeLorean done up to the exact specifications. They come complete with a flux-capacitor, time circuits, and even the Mr. Fusion on the back end. Quite impressive, although I’m pretty sure that none of it actually does anything. Especially considering the last time I looked at my hand I was still pretty damn corporeal, and my mom didn’t have the hots for me…though the next guy who calls me chicken, might have a problem.

These days, the DMC (DeLorean Motor Company) isn’t exactly the same business, but more of a parts warehouse and garage that focuses on the original stainless steel sports car, the DMC-12, and has enough spare parts to fill a 40,000 square foot warehouse.

This is handy for the near 6,500 remaining DMC-12s out in the world, which interestingly enough only 9,000 were made starting back in 1981.

There is an all electric DMC-12 in the works that has an engine capable of going 0-60 in 4.4 seconds and traveling 100 miles per charge, but it’s probably anyone’s guess if we’ll ever see a rebirth of the classic car line.


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