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EVE Online Gets its Own TV Show

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You might have heard the name EVE Online if you’re any type of MMORPG player, PC gamer, web-comic afficionado, or just a electronic entertainment sadist. Well, the game from CCP Games has been greenlit for its own television series.


Icelandic filmmaker Baltasar Kormákur will be developing the series in which they will be introducing the world at large to the MMO that isn’t well known outside of the gamer niche it exists in right now. The story will be:

“An original concept and storyline set in the EVE universe.”

EVE Online is a massively complex game complete with politics, intrigue, deception, and everything else that would make an excellent television series and to sweeten the pot it would be sci-fi, something we’re sorely lacking these days.

There are already novels and an upcoming comic series from Dark Horse Comics, so it seems that this is going to be a big year for CCP games and their IP. We wish them success.


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