EVE Developer CCP Shows Off New FPS Dust 514

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You heard it here first, kiddos. CCP Game is making an FPS!

Fresh from the minds of CCP Games, Dust 514 seems to be your typical Space-man shooter, but a closer look at the game’s website hints of something more.

More than a mere persistent world, DUST 514’s connection with EVE Online makes New Eden a true virtual reality. The planets that DUST 514 players fight on will be the same planets that EVE pilots see and interact with in space. Both worlds will be linked in such a way that cooperation between players is optional, but beneficial to both if accepted.

EVE Online is all about the players and their choices; huge corporations roam the game fighting for control over sectors of space using firepower, economic strategies, and political dealings. Throwing an FPS into the mix where the conditions on the battlefield are influenced by the space politics of the corporations sounds like a winning strategy.

Hit up the CCP Games webstie for any info [CCP GAMES]

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