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Eurogamer Magically Changes Review Score

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Claiming that the game ran horribly on their debug unit (you know, the ones that are shipped out from Nintendo themselves for the purpose of doing game reviews before there’s an actual finished version of the game), Eurogamer has seemingly changed their review of Gland Slam Tennis for the Wii, from a fair 5/10 (average) to a game-selling score of 8/10.

Let me clarify my stance on game reviews…I personally fucking hate them for good reason. When I see an 8/10, that tells me that the game is above-average and nearing-perfection. The original score of 5/10 was probably closer to how the game truly is and should be sold. For some strange reason, whenever people see anything below a 7/10 in reviews they’ll just not give it a chance or even consider buying it…that’s because the system is broken and corrupt.

I would bet that EA pressured to give it a better score, just like a bunch or mobsters. They probably threatened sanctions against the website, I can hear the threatening email now..”either give us a better score or consider yourself excluded from future preview copies.” Does anyone remember the whole Kane & Lynch debacle?!? Is the attention span on the internet that short?

I just hate it when I see companies change their review scores, all it does is invite speculation. Do I know that EA pressured them? No. Is it possible that they had problems with the Wii Motion Plus controls on their dev unit? Yes. Do I think that it was something as simple as that? Hell to the naw, the game industry is full of ‘journalists’ that roll over for their corporate overlords…just do a google search on “Dirge of Cerebus” and “Famitsu”, you’ll see for yourself.

*EDIT 25 June 2009*: Due to the increased traffic and exposure I feel I should explain.

This is a heavily opinionated editorial that was meant for entertainment purposes, everyone needs to chill the fuck out…the guys at Eurogamer had posted a link that explained why the score was changed, and it wasn’t just the score…it was the whole review.

I used their changed review score as a springboard to talk about the gaming industry as a whole, and while it resonated with a bunch of people out there, it did piss some others off. Their explanation can be found here: LINK

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