Eureka – Anything is possible

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Eureka, once again a syfy show with a twist.

The show is set in a town called Eureka, where almost everyone is a genius or scientist. Most of the people living there work for a company called Global Dynamics. This company is the reason behind every major technological breakthrough in the past 50 odd years. In every episode something goes wrong and it’s the towns sheriff’s job to figure out what the hell went wrong and fix it, even though he isn’t a genius or scientist but he has something we normal humans like to call, “street smarts.”

They are currently airing the 4th season in the states, it has been picked up for a 5th and the finial 6th season which I am really excited for.

The first season was AMAZING so was the second. The third was well blah, it had lost it’s way. When they started the fourth. I was hesitated about this season. I watched the first episode and my jaw hit the ground. They had found their way back and now I can’t stop watching it again.

Bit about the show I guess is needed. Well there isn’t much I can say without spoiling it, haha. But each season there is a major story line but every episode something goes wrong. For example there have been weather controlling devices that went wrong and is causing mass freezing of people. One time everyone turned dumb and it was up to the smartest person out there, the Sheriff to fix the problem.

This is a show that will keep you interested no matter what mood your in. There is humor, drama, love (ewwwy). But mostly the show is amazing.

If your after a new sci-fi show that has a major twist and keeps you guessing every episode then this is the show for you

It’s averaging about 2-2.5 million views per show so it must be doing something right?

The first 3 seasons are out on dvd, so go check them out and start watching the fourth on tv.

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