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Eufloria Coming to PSN

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eufloria, it's asteroids in space

Indie gamers, be happy. Take off your ironic square framed glasses, and your reclaimed clothing hats and scarves and take a quick breath…because Eufloria is finally going to be getting some console love thanks to Sony.

Never heard of Eufloria? Well I’m not surprised. In this world of Zelda XXIVs and Final Fantasys MCMXCIII games that are small, and independantly made seem to go by the wayside.

The game, a sort-of cross between Flow and Warcraft/Starcraft, was a finalist in the Indie Games Festival of 2009 and should be one hell of a fun game, if you’ve never played it on the PC. There’s a demo version of the PC version available through the Eufloria website, and is completely worth your time.

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