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Essential Geek “Rock Band” Songs

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The Rock Band platform offers over 3000 songs for you to choose from. That is one massive playlist.

This article is meant to show off the “geek” side of Rock Band’s DLC. It isn’t meant to be a be all end all list either however, if you come across a geeky Rock Band track that I may have missed, by all means hit me up in the comment section.

(Do You Wanna Date My) Avatar from “The Guild”

Well, the first song I think we have to start off with is a song from the hit geek show “The Guild” featuring Felicia Day, who doesn’t need any introduction to her geek cred. This is one of the few “pop” songs that is on the platform. Unfortunately, it does not have keyboard support.
Code Monkey by Johnathan Coulton

You can’t have a geek music article without mentioning Johnathan Coulton. There are actually plenty of offerings from Johnathan Coulton on Rock Band. I chose “Code Monkey” because it was also a great short lived 8-bit TV show about a game company in the 80s. It was one of my favorite shows and I always lean towards this song when I want to prove my geekiness in Rock Band.

Mr. Spock/ by Nerf Hearder

The ultimate band name inspired by “Star Wars” yet singing about a character from “Star Trek”. It really can’t get my sci-fi nerdgasm any higher than this unless the video took place on the “Lost” island or the “Battlestar Galactica”. Nerf Hearder was also the band who performed the theme song to the TV show “Buffy: The Vampire Slayer” (you’d be surprised how many people I’ve met who thought it was The Offspring). This one describes how a jilted lover feels towards his love prospects. It is a great song to play guitar while singing.

The Ultimate Showdown by Lemon Demon

You can’t talk about great geek songs without mentioning this one. This one practically has everyone you could ever want in one song. It has Chuck Norris, Godzillia, Shaq, Batman, and Abe Lincoln. This is pretty much the ultimate geek song that is available on Rock Band.

What are some of your favorites?

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