Alan Smithee

ESRB adds Ratings for 3 Capcom Classics

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Looking at the ESRB today, I noticed that there’s a few re-release games coming up that I think would warrant a purchase on PSN. Yup, three excellent survival horror classics are coming back to life on the system that bore them originally. Good work there Capcom.


Coming soon on the internet nearest you (as long as you live in the United States), you’ll be able to pick up Resident Evils 2 and 3, and a horrifically underrated game that scared the piss out of me, Dino Crisis. No word as of pricing yet, but assuming the normal cost of some great games on the PSN Store, expect to pay anywhere between $9.99 and $14.99. I think I might just get Dino Crisis, it’s evaded my game collection for far too long.

Now if we could only get PSN releases of Bust-a-Groove and Bust-a-Groove 2 from 989 Studios/Sony, then I’d be set for life.

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