Epic Games knows Gears of War 3’s multiplayer needs to be perfect

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Cliff Blenszinski is determined to make the multiplayer experience in Gears of War 3 a memorable experience. He just wants to make sure it’s memorable for actually working instead of being memorable for being completely broken. It looks like Epic Games is taking the multiplayer seriously this time around, with the beta coming in April and Cliff B. stating, “… if we release Gears 3 and it has the same launch as Gears 2 online then the franchise is dead. So you can’t afford to make that mistake twice, right? And to be fair over the course of the six title updates, we got Gears 2 in a very good position. And we need to take it to great. And that’s what this will help do.”

This is nice to hear because I really wanted to like the multiplayer in Gears 2, but it was just so damn broken. I’m not really sure what he means in saying they “got Gears 2 in a very good position.” The last time I attempted to play competitive multiplayer in Gears 2, I swore it off because it just seemed like it was getting progressively worse. Maybe they fixed it eventually, but it shouldn’t be broken from the start. I have high hopes for the multiplayer in Gears 3 now, so don’t let me down, Epic.


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