End Season Roundtable: The Middle Season 1

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Patricia Heaton and Neil Flynn star in this incredibly average comedy about a middle class family living in Indiana. It’s all about the struggles of being a mother and living in a family of social outcasts. After two episodes the show was quickly picked up for a second season. The show is a very consistent show, you will always get some laughs, and it will never take any risks.

It’s not that the show is unfunny, but it’s also not that the show is funny, it’s just average. Like that class in high school that you did okay in but don’t remember anything about what you learned. I would recommend no one here watch it, I myself have gone multiple times and thought I would quit watching it, I’ll let a couple episodes slide and then realize I need a mindless comedy to watch while I do some homework so then I go back and watch the latest four episodes so I can have background noise. So don’t bother with this show unless you want mindless comedy in your diet.

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