End Season Roundtable: Survivor Season 20

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Don’t think I’m only going to be doing the usual suspects here, I’ve got a little reality/game show tv for you this time around. I only started watching survivor in it’s 18th season. I wasn’t really into that season but decided to give it one more try with season 19 and I fell in love… with Russell Hantz.

Russell Hantz is an oil tycoon who lied cheated and even burned up his tribe mates stuff to make it to the end. He played an amazing game and made some amazing television. I found myself cheering for the bad guy. He played the game in ways I didn’t even think possible. He ended up as the runner up that season but then when I heard season 20 was going to be with past survivors and they were doing a heroes vs. villains theme, I knew if Russell was there that I was going to tune in. He was, so I watched the whole season. I’ll spoil it as I’m sure there are few people like me starting a show in it’s 18th season but Russell made it again to the end, he didn’t win but the man makes for great television. Though it’s a new cast in season 21 I think I’ll still check it out as his play did get me hooked on the feel of the show. I don’t know how long I’ll stick it out but I have become a survivor fan because of him. Also Jeff Probst is one of the most influential men in the last decade especially when it comes to reality TV.

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