End Season Roundtable: Smallville Season Nine

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As the season comes to a close I take a look back at the season we just experienced. Since I watch a lot of TV I can even tell you about seasons you didn’t watch in case you want to check it out when it’s out on dvd.

For those not still watching this show it’s still not that great. Season 8 was a train wreck. Especially after losing most of their actual good actors and actresses and even their series creators this show has been down in the dumps for a while. Season 9 comes around and though it still isn’t a great show, it does give Super hero geeks a couple of episodes and a couple of characters which were really fun to see.

First off we have the Justice Society. In episode 11 of this season called Absolute Justice we had the history and a slight reformation of the Justice Society. The episode introduced us to Hawkman, Stargirl and one of my favorites Dr. Fate. This episode also brought into play the great organization known as Checkmate. With those additions, this season became a lot more tolerable and even fun again. Near the beginning of the season there was also a small run in with Metallo, one of my personal favorite Superman villains which led a hand to making a decent season. That being said, Clark and Lois are still awful actors, and their romance in this season isn’t all that great. Of course if you’ve been watching the show up until now you’ve probably given in to the fact that neither of them will improve and so that isn’t really a point to be made against the season but the show as a whole. Chloe does a lot better without Aaron Ashmore to cloud her judgement and she becomes the cooler leader of the possibly Justice League, “Watchtower”. Keeping tabs over all of the super heros and helping them to find their way. The Green Arrow has improved in his acting and I’m glad they are keeping him as a series regular, his interactions with Hawkman were delightful. Callum Blue came in this season to play Zod, and this version of Zod and the overall story line was not all that great. At first they set it up to be an almost apocalyptic story which I was starting to get into but of course Clark saved the day before that could happen. Callum was a good actor but the story line was lackluster.

Smallville has officially been picked up for another season and the last episode gave us a small clue. I’ve always been more knowledgeable when it comes to Marvel then to DC, so when it seemed there might be some swarm going on, I immediately thought of The Brood. I don’t know what their DC equivalent could be but I’m sure there are some DC fans who will have their theories. So overall season nine was better then season eight, but still not the greatest. I would recommend super fans checking out the JSA episodes but other then that, if you still have ill feelings towards Smallville, continue to stay away. It’s gone on much too long, but I’ll continue to watch cause I’m a sucker that way.

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