End Season Roundtable: Modern Family Season 1

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Modern Family is one of ABCs big comedies this season. It comes to you from the minds of Christopher Lloyd (No not that one), the one who brought to us such shows at Wings and Frasier and Steven Levitan who brought us Just Shoot Me! comes together for one of the best comedies of the season.

Which makes me incredibly glad that the very unfunny Back To You which they did last season got cancelled. But the reasons why this show works are numerous. Especially in the fact that they have numerous people on the show. The cast is up at ten family members and so they’re able to do lots of different interactions in each episode. Also the show works much better without the laugh track, it has a sense of realism to it and so a laugh track would considerably ruin that. Luckily for the most part ABC is starting to steer clear of it. One of the other things which really works for this show is it was funny from day one, I remember showing the pilot to people I knew and even going into classes and having a teacher show the pilot to us. It takes a very straight forward formula and works it really well. Even the child actors are funny though the two girls still need a bit more work. There is no sign of this one stopping and so everyone who is in the mood for a light funny half hour comedy should go and pick this one up. It’s officially my second favorite comedy of the season and I recommend it to all. No laugh track, funny characters, good writing, it’s a good package. I have heard criticism of the character Phil for being too annoying, but in his defense, though annoying, his character does it well, if you can let yourself past that one you should be good to go.

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