End Season Roundtable: House Season 6

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House season six may have actually been my favorite season of the show House. I know that is weird to hear but this may in fact have been the best season of the show. One thing this show has done well is in the changing of the characters. If the show still had the original three staying as the original three this season I would be done with the show.

But they really decided to delve deep into every character’s arc, from the old characters to the new ones that debuted in season 4. Season 4 was a season I really liked because they brought in new blood, but season 5 seemed to be dying, falling into the pit of monotony, which is why it was a breath of fresh air that in the end of the fifth season it was shown that House was having Hallucinations. This season kicks off with House in a Psychiatric Hospital, trying to figure out if he can even go on, it then brings in Doctors Cameron and Chase back into the fold until they get divorced over a pretty amazing moment in the series. Cameron leaves and now we have 2 of the oldies and 2 of the newbies together to make 4. Even Cuddy and Wilson are given good story lines. This season was the best crafted of House so far and so I’m glad they’ve been given a seventh season. I doubt the show will last past eight but it’s still a well written show and as long as they don’t drown in the formulaic nature of the show then they’ll continue to do quite well.

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