End Season Roundtable: Community Season 1

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Are you watching Community? Good… Wait, some of you just said no… Go, watch it now! This is by far and away the best comedy of the season. Let me back that up with a good foundation.

This show was created by Dan Harmon, one of the founders of Channel 101 and he co-created The Sarah Silverman Program. This show has seven great lead actors in it as well including but not limited to the Star of the amazingly good “The Soup” Joel McHale, Allison Brie who is also in Madmen, Ken Jeong the funny asian who’s come into prominence in the last year and Chevy Chase, yes that Chevy Chase. It even has Dino Stamatopoulous who is known for being one of the writers on one of my favorite shows of all time Mr. Show. This show has previously been featured on watchplayread with the incredibly funny Paintball episode, if there is an episode to start with that might be it since it is amazingly good. The pilot of the show is also quite good and you can tell early on that the writing for the show is superb. It’s been stated that Joel McHale and Chevy Chase both decided to do the project based on the writing. It is not only the writing but the way the characters show that writing which makes the show glorious. This is officially my pick as the best comedy this season. So if you’re not watching it, you need to be, so when the dvd comes out, pick it up and watch it. Very good television.

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