End Season Roundtable: Castle Season 2

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Castle is a fun show. Murder She Wrote for our generation, about a mystery writer going around with the police to solve mysteries and write books. It definitely follows a formulaic path as most shows like it do, but it still has a sense of witticism and charm.

The actors do a good job in keeping you interested even if they follow a formula. I would say I like this the second season more then I liked the first season. Of course considering the second season was twice as long, that is to be expected. The 17th and 18th episodes of the season were probably the meatiest part of the series so far when a killer goes after Beckett, Castle’s partner on the police force. The side characters were quite well done as well allowing for the show to expand. Bringing in Michael Trucco at the end of the season was a nice touch since I love seeing BSG alumni getting work. Since this show has been given a full season pick up next season, expect it to stay around for a good long time. It gets great ratings so if you want a nice show with Nathan Fillion each season to watch, this one would be the best of those options to get into. It’s still only 2 seasons in so you can catch up, and watching this show weekly is very easy since there is little need to follow big story lines.

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