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Emerald City Comicon 2014: Plan of Attack—Celebrity Guests

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Emerald City Comicon is my local con and I’ve been attending for many years now enjoying the comic creators, celebrity guests, gaming, and vendors. ECCC has steadily grown and quality and last year it nearly doubled in size. The con now has so much content that it is hard to see it all. With so many first-time attendees headed to ECCC, sharing my highlights, sacrifices, and tips and tricks could prove helpful.


I’ve done well with celebrity experiences at Emerald City Comicon overall. However, there was the year Adam Baldwin canceled (but he ended up at ECCC a few years later). And then the year that Katee Sackhoff canceled—I was devastated and my Battlestar Galactica Top Gun stein remains unautographed and awaiting her return.

This year, I will be seeking out a date with my favorite werewolf, Kris Holden-Ried of SyFy’s Lost Girl and a photo with the greatest communications officer ever, Star Trek’s Nichelle Nichols—plus, Alan Tudyk of Firefly. Karl Urban might be my sacrifice this year. Yet, I wonder if he would wear a blond wig to channel Eomer for me?

See the list of this year’s ECCC celebrity guests on their website.

Note that Steve Yeun, Glenn of AMC’s The Walking Dead, is now unable to attend ECCC this year.

The Oliver Queen from CW’s Arrow, Stephen Amell, is appearing on Saturday only. Doctor Who’s Amy Pond, Karen Gillan, will appear on Sunday only. Due to limited access and availability, lines will be long for autographs and photo ops for these two. Plan your day accordingly.

Be sure to check the guest pages right up before the con as details may change. Up-to-date information is power!

Five tips you should know when seeking out celebrity guest autographs at ECCC:

1:  Be prepared for a last minute cancellation. It happens. No matter how much you looked forward to this fan experience, you can put it aside and be happy that your favorite actor is hopefully working a new show or movie role.

2:  Your average interaction with celebrity guests will last about 10 seconds at the autograph table. You have enough time for a hello, a handshake if the guest engages in that, two sentences of admiration, and a thank you.

3:  Autographs cost money. Yes, these guests charge for their signature and sometimes extra for personalization. This surprises some newcomers. Autograph fees are listed on the ECCC website, but personalization fees are not. Bring cash, and a little extra just incase.

4:  Check the lines. If you are expecting to get an autograph of a very popular guest (like Sir Patrick Stewart at ECCC 2013) check the lines early and often. Or better yet, get in the line early if this is your priority achievement. Be sure to follow all the instructions of the ECCC Minions and Staff or convention center staff for everyone’s safety.

5:  Some celebrities will leave their booths early. For those non-Sir Patrick Stewart celebs that don’t have lines that go on for miles, they could leave their booth before their signing time is up if no fans are there for autographs.

Photo ops have a whole different process. You need to visit the Photo Op table and purchase a ticket through them. The ECCC Photo Op staff has been doing it for years and is very experienced. They will direct you to your next steps. The photos are a very limited fan experience:  step-up and smile and then off you go. Some people bring props. But it is at the discretion of the guest and the photo team if you get to use it in the pic.

Leonard Nimoy

My husband, Leonard Nimoy, and me at ECCC in 2010

You won’t have enough time, or money probably, to do it all. So focus on making what you can do the best experience possible.

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