Emarosa: The Lighthouse of an Entire Genre

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I’m going to go out of my normal on this one…I’m reviewing one of the FEW “hardcore” bands i still follow.

Emarosa has been surrounded by drama for the past few, from the dissolving of their old band Dance Gavin Dance, to the forming of Emarosa, their losing a singer, and then gaining one (in my opinion one of the greatest rock vocalists I’ve ever heard: Jonny Craig), they’ve been through a ton recently.

I first heard of these guys when they opened for the metal band Devil Wears Prada, and I thought Emarosa stole the show and was the real headliner. Their singer is really one of the most original, unique, and amazing vocalists I’ve heard in quite a while. This is when he admitted to the audience that he “had a cold and knew he sucked”. Among my friends, we all had a unanimous decision that “if that’s how he sounds sick, I can’t imagine how he’ll sound healthy.”

Emarosa has just recently released their second full-length album under their new organization, Rise Records titled simply Emarosa. I believe that this album is a just as good, if not better than their first, seeing how they didn’t have the routine hard-core second album ‘let down’ as is so common with many hard-core bands in my experience.

The first album was called “Relativity” and it’s one of the greatest “post hard-core” albums I’ve ever heard…and for me to admit that a hard-core album is good takes a lot. This is mainly because I feel most of these bands are all blurring into one rip off after another, and there shining like a beacon of originality in a sea of mediocrity is Emarosa.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not trying to pitch whiny 13 year old emo wrist cutter music to you. Emarosa’s singer Johnny Craig has one of the most distinguishable voices I’ve ever heard, it’s powerful, pure, and raspy at a moments notice. I see them more of a true rock band than a “hard-core” band, because there are no nasty “screaming” breakdowns or screeching singing.

Seriously fearless readers, Emarosa is one of the only hardcore bands I haven’t grown out of, and that’s because they’re not juvenile, they’re very mature and unique for this genre. give ’em a listen.

I give this album a 3.5 – 4 out 5 hardcore head-bangs (told ya my rating system will change.)

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