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The Eltingville Club #1: How Not to Act in Your Local Comic Shop

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Mature Reader Warning: The Eltingville Club #1  and this review both contain explicit language.

I don’t know whether to laugh or cry at the accurateness of The Eltingville Club by Evan Dorkin.  With this issue weighing in with almost 50 ‘fucks’ and a few ‘cunts’ thrown in for good measure, this one isn’t for the kiddies.

Eltingville Club #1 cover via

Eltingville Club #1 cover via

The Eltingville Club #1 Writer and Artist:  Evan Dorkin Publisher: Dark Horse Comics Release date: April 23, 2014 Buy your own copy of Eltingville Club #1 today! Evan’s artwork reminds me of Heavy Metal magazine, or one of the Chick Pub., ‘Tract’ comics those crazy Christians use to preach fire and brimstone for all non-believers. (My favorite was the one that told you, if you played D&D you would become a Devil worshipper, and might commit suicide in the name of Satan!) I’ve become a bigger fan of B&W books over the years, and I really liked Evan’s level of detail in the backgrounds.

I liked the first issue of this book, but it made me a bit sad after reading it.  Sad because fanboys like the ones in this book,  unfortunately, do indeed exist.  This book reminded me of all the asshole fans I grew up around.  All the shitty negative-minded individuals who would go so low as to result to  self-deprecation as long as they dragged you down with them.  Guys that will diss you personally if they think it helps them win the arguement.  Guys that steal from their local shop.  You know…the worst. The “industry” references were funny and  numerous, hormone-raging boys who fantasize about female comic characters, likening everything to a seen film or comic, Stan Lee‘s age, and even Buck Rogers.  In fact, this whole books script is just gobs and gobs of referencing.  But, it was all trash-talk.  I kind of went through this whole issue saying, “Wow!  These kids are really tearing int one another. I’m glad I don’t know fans like this anymore!” I really wonder where The Eltingville Club came from, ya know?  Obviously not meaning who wrote it or who produced it.  I mean, where was Evan Dorkin at mentally when he wrote it.  Was the purpose of The Eltingville Club to be sarcastically funny and poke a finger at all the fanboys,  like the ones portrayed here?  Or was Evan trying to show us something a little more serious, while trying to retain that tongue-in-cheek humor approach to the story?  Either way it’s sad to know that even in our sub-culture, populated by people that are often targeted for bullying, there are those within our group that have been bullies themselves.

All in all, The Eltingville Club did make me chuckle.  What I took from it was, don’t be so passionate in your opinion that it would damage relationships with those around you.  That level of snobbiness and elitism is just vile.  If you liked this read check out more from Evan Dorkin and his wife Sarah here, at their Blog site House Of Fun! And for this issue and other great reads, check out Dark Horse!

(Editor’s note: If you want more humor from the front lines of comic shops, check out the blog for Tim Chamberlain’s Our Valued Customers.)

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