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Elder Scrolls Online Will Not Require PlayStation Plus Membership for PS4

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The upcoming release from ZeniMax Online and Bethesda has been confirmed to NOT require a PlayStation Plus account…which I’m sad to say can’t be said the same for Xbox One owners as it will require a Xbox Live Gold membership on top of the monthly membership subscription the game will charge.

elder scrolls online

This means basically that PS4 owners will be paying the same model as PC and Mac gamers while Xbox One users are hit for more for the Live membership. This, of course, isn’t anything new. Microsoft has been doing this for ages.

Interestingly enough the folks at ZeniMax Online clarified the question on whether PC and Mac users will be able to play against PS4 users and the resounding answer is NO. There will be only one of two mega servers, one in North America and another in Europe that PS4 console gamers will be playing on.

PC closed beta testing is ongoing right now but no date has been announced for the PS4 beta which is expected sometime this year.

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