Alan Smithee

Eidos is now Square-Enix Europe

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The Japanese have officially taken over England and mass casualties (i.e.: sacking) are expected.

If you’ll remember, Eidos was bought out by Square Enix this April and while the company didn’t completely know what to expect with this transaction, the parent company has decided to get rid of the Eidos Interactive moniker in favor of a more bland Square Enix Europe.

The changes don’t stop there either, apparently the boss of Eidos (Phil Rogers) believes that there are going to be cuts to both the Europe and North America branches of the company.

I personally think it’s going to be strange to think of games like Hitman and Tomb Raider as Square Enix properties. Survival of the fittest I guess Eidos, that’s what you get for making so many bad games in the past, anyone remember Ninja: Shadow of Darkness?

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