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Eden of the East Compilation Film Announced: Is It Really Necessary?

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Today, Kenji Kamiyama, director of such anime as Blood: The Last Vampire, Ghost In The Shell: SAC, and Eden of the East, announced that Eden of the East will have a compilation film released a month before the movie sequel. For those who don’t know, Eden of the East was a total sleeper hit from the spring that came out of nowhere. There was some hype, but Eden of the East went above and beyond, making it one of the best shows so far this year (containing one of the best anime openings I’ve seen in years, check it out above). However, Eden of the East only ran for a short 11 episodes and left everyone wanting more, allowing for the creation of a double film sequel. If you haven’t seen Eden of the East, you can wait for Funimation’s US release later this year or get your grubby hands on the fandub through less “legitimate” means…

Anyway, the important thing to note is the news from today about a compilation film. The trend of comp films has been around for a long time in anime, and fans have mixed feelings on both sides of the issue. There are some examples of comp movies done right, like Gundam 0079‘s infinitely better 3 movie version and Macross: Do You Believe In Love, but both of these films are based on series with 35+ episodes. In the case of Eden of the East, I don’t believe that we need a compilation movie since there is only eleven episodes. The creation of a comp movie for such a short series looks like nothing more than a cheap, greedy way to cash in on Eden of the East‘s popularity. Here’s the sad thing: I’ll probably still watch it.

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